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Support pours in for Abhijit Iyer as social media condemns arrest

Bhubaneswar: Following the arrest of journalist Abhijit-Iyer Mitra for allegedly making derogatory remarks against Odisha and Konark Sun Temple, social media users today condemned such step by Odisha police terming it as bizarre and violation of freedom of speech.

People from all walks of life including writers, historians and reputed names in national media reacted on Twitter vehemently opposing Iyer’s arrest.

Journalist Aarti Singh Tikoo took to Twitter and condemned the arrest of Iyer. She also tagged PM Narendra Modi in her tweet. Moreover, a #FreeAbhijit campaign has also been launched with over 1300 signatures already.

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“It seems the whole government machinery is after him (Iyer). The promptness police are showing in this case raises doubts on the motive,” said Ramesh Bala, a lawyer from Rourkela.

Expressing similar views, Phaguram Hansdah, an intellectual from Baripada said “When he (Iyer) has already apologised, the government is expecting him to commit suicide or what? He is an educated person and has the right to speak his mind. Why the government did not take the Kunduli incident this seriously?Why a House Committee was formed in this case and not in other cases?”

“Probably the government is trying to divert the attention of people through Abhijit Iyer case. The whole matter seems like a conspiracy,” said lawyer Abani Mahanta.

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